St. Martha’s Morning Tea 

 This week, we invited friends over for an early celebration of St. Martha’s feast day. We not only enjoyed good cinder station and tasty treats but learned we can fit ten children and six adults into the Little Apartment in Pyeongtaek. I’m impressed!   

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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Seoul 

The Seoul location of the celebrated Wolfgang’s Steakhouse opened up just a couple months ago. I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make reservations and my husband’s recent promotion offered the perfect opportunity. Wolfgang’s is well-known for their dry-aged US beef steaks and specifically their tilted plate porterhouse and rightfully so. The steak cut like butter, the sides were tasty, and dessert was near perfection. The service was also rave-worthy and the ambiance sublime. With a location near Apugujeong Rodeo Station adding the cherry to an already fabulous sundae, it made for a perfect celebratory restaurant and Saturday afternoon. 

I have a milestone birthday in the near future and may be back for more tasty treats at Wolfgang’s then. Highly recommended! 


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Friday Night Sunset

the evening view from a favorite cafe’s rooftop seating area.   

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Eating Jeollanam 

Following our stroll through the bamboo forest, we had opportunity to dine at a wonderful restaurant featuring a couple of Jeollanam province’s most well-known regional specialties. The banchan was so plentiful hardly a centimeter was left on the table after all of the food was served and every last bit was delicious. The banchan included a spicy crab, two different kinds of fish, cabbage kimchi, steamed squash, spinach, and a mushroom soup, among a number of other items. All together, we were served 18(!!) different banchan.

One of the specialties we tried was Daetongbap, which is a rice dish steamed inside bamboo. Tteokgalbi was the other Jeollanam food we enjoyed. This dish is a pan fried meat patty made of either pork or beef. We opted to try both meats. The restaurant only offers three options for your main dish and then everything else you see on the table is served to everybody. I have been advised that restaurants that serve only an option or two are usually among the best places you’ll eat in Korea and our experience at this little place in Damyang certainly supports that idea. What a nice lunch following that muggy bamboo trek!        

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Damyang Bamboo Forest

Inspired by an article in Seoul Selection, we boarded an early Saturday morning train to Gwangju last weekend to explore the neighboring city of Damyang, home to a beautiful bamboo forest.

When I was smaller than Rose is now, I was rather enchanted by a piece of woods of my grandparents then-property that I affectionately named the Enchanted Forest. It was a small bit of woods and not at all dense, allowing sunlight in and for the enchantment to never give way to fear.  I’ve hiked in many forests since then and quite a few have seemed a bit enchanted but none as much as the Damyang Bamboo Forest. Even in my adult mind, I could easily imagine pandas roaming through the bamboo, mythical creatures hiding, and a number of interesting legends that could unfold in such a place.                              

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